• Hello, my name is Wendy Manning and I want to thank you again for dropping by my website. A little about me, I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and am very proud and humbled to be from Canada‚Äôs Ocean Playground. I come from a very large family of nine kids and most of us were musical. My Mom and Dad both sang and played piano and we were all taught from a very early age to sing. Growing up, I learned that music is the best form of healing for the soul and believe that everyone should have some form of it in their lives.

    During my childhood, my Father was friends with Charlie Chamberlain from the weekly Don Messer Show. Charlie often visited and each time he did, he would not leave our house before I would sing him a song. He was a very special person with a charming personality. We'll never forget him.

    I have been playing locally now for years and my monthly Acadia Hall shows have become a wonderful way to share my music and to highlight some of the best home grown talent the province has to offer. Nothing pleases me more than bringing a live show to Acadia Hall each month and letting you all experience music the way I did growing up.

  • Charlie Chamberlain
Acadia Hall Jamboree September 2012